Fast Australian Website Hosting

There are at least three major factors which determine how quickly your website loads.

1. How many websites are on the same server as yours?

Web host servers (especially good ones) can host many many websites on the one server. However this directly impacts the performance of each website on the server. It is very unlikely that your website is the only one on the web host, as it costs $thousands/year to run a dedicated server.

Our investigative A.R.&R. for SEO can show you some of the other websites hosted on your server. And we will never overload our own servers - after all, many of our hosting clients are running websites we've developed for them and that we perform SEO for. Since hosting speed is an important SEO factor, you can be assured we will always be conservative with our server load.

Some servers host thousands of websites. Is your host overloaded?

Pioneer Websites will never overload their web host servers.

Besides, you can't get faster than using their free CloudFlare plugin.

2. How is your host connected to the web?

The bandwidth, network speed, carrier, and redundancy of the internet connection for your web host directly impacts the speed of your website. The details are many and technical, but suffice to say: Sometimes you only get what you pay for.

Bandwidth in Australia is comparatively expensive, so extremely cheap hosting plans may make use of less-than premium bandwidth. Whatever the case, we can run a website speed test from a neutral third party and compare your current web host with ours. The results are often surprising.

Our servers have multiple redundant connections and our data centre partner is is one of the largest & longest-running in Australia.

3. What hardware comprises the web server & network?

Server hardware continually needs replacing. This is true not just for the processor itself, but all components. Is the hard disk a RAID array or SAN? Traditional magnetic/spinning drives, or SSD (solid state drives)? How old are the routers/switches/etc/etc?

Pioneer Website Hosting brings you to the front of hosting service with 100% SSD disk drives - no spinning magnets, all solid state drives like the newest personal computers, phones and flash drives. This is an incredible speed lift, and a real feat for cheap but fast hosting in Sydney with large storage space plans. Some hosts have attempted to cut costs by cramming a stack of home-computer SSD disks into an industrial environment, but you'll also be happy to know the SSD hard drives used are Enterprise Grade, built to work, and last.

Whatever the case with your existing host, a simple website speed test comparison will give you the facts you need.

Pioneer Website Hosting use 100% SSD disks, Enterprise Grade, on a SAN array.

Ask us how to conduct a website speed test - the facts will speak for themselves.