Australian Website Hosting

"I want a website. Apparently I need to have it hosted...?"

Yes, you do. A powerful computer connected to the internet 24/7 needs to have your website files stored on it, so that visitors can see your website. The computer (called a 'web server') needs to be regularly backed up, be especially secure (digitally secure), and be hosted in a world class data centre which is physically secure and properly equipped to survive power outages.

Pioneer Websites Hosting is not an average hosting service. There are several distinct features that make our servers better for security, SEO and speed and reliability than the other web hosts we see.

See the menus above for details, but you're probably most interested in our cheap Australian hosting plans.

But I've Already Got a Domain Name...

A domain name (like needs to be registered, yes, but you still need to get it hosted. Otherwise there's no where to put your website files and no one can visit your website.

Should I Register My Own Domain Name?

Nope. We buy them wholesale and can register and renew it for free for you when you use our hosting service. Yep, you won't have to pay for your domain name, ever, as long as we host it for you. That will save you the $140 Melbourne IT charges.

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"I know I need hosting,
but I've already got a domain name..."

Find out what you need,
and pay the right price.