Australian Windows Server Web Hosting

Traditionally, Windows web server hosting is much more expensive. We are pleased to offer cheap Windows server web hosting plans at the same price as our high-value Linux plans.

What's the difference between server types?

Windows servers run the Windows Server operating system. This is licensed software and costly to purchase and maintain. Most servers (reportedly ~85% of all sites on the internet) don't run Windows. (The vast majority use a version of Linux and the Apache web server.)

Why would I need a Windows web server?

Some applications need a Windows server because they use special Windows services. Sometimes that's simply because of the programming language the application was created in and the application could have been designed differently to run on any server, but often it's because of limited connectivity with other Windows products; meaning it's easier if your application runs on a Windows Server. In some cases, an application could use a Windows .exe file to install itself on the server.

What Are Dedicated Windows Servers & Windows VPS?

We also host MYOB Exo cloud accounting software on Windows servers and have built modules for our CMS to integrate with MYOB for orders, debtors & inventory. A dedicated Windows server or VPS (virtual private server) is an affordable way to put your office server, data, apps and accounting files in the cloud. Working on the road or from home or sharing your accounting file with your accountant was nevery easier.

And because our servers are right here in a premium Sydney data centre, you get the quickest access possible.

More commonly though, you might just want to continue using an existing website written with a windows-only programming language (like ASP) and rather than recreating the website, it could be hosted on a Windows web server.

Are there disadvantages to Windows web hosting?

Because of scale, we've removed the traditional additional cost associated with Windows hosting, so that disadvantage is nullified. However if there's no need for you to use a Windows server, you will want to use a Linux server as they are renowned for their stability, reliability and security.

Only a small percentage of website need a Windows server. If that's your website, we can help.