Live Web Server Monitoring

Even the fastest, most reliable and secure web hosting server needs to be monitored. Here are the two different types of monitoring used by Pioneer Websites. Does your host use both?

Find a web host that uses both types of monitoring.

1. Automatic Service Monitoring & Restart

Advanced server software is constantly checking critical services on the web server and can automatically restart them if there's any trouble brewing. You'd never even know if we didn't tell you, so we will: This has happened 4 times in the past two years. No downtime.

Most potential problems are automatically discovered and rectified.

2. External Monitor to Live Human

We use two external services to monitor our servers. Minute by minute they mimic a web visitor, and alert us to any problems. While this is extremely rare, we have confidence knowing we'll find out about any trouble before you do, as alerts are sent direct to our technicians mobile who is qualified to take both evasive and corrective action.

Minute-by-minute monitoring to a technicians mobile phone means we discover problems before you do.