Reliable Australian Website Hosting

What makes hosting reliable is a number of factors, but the most common problem is server load. A greedy hosting company whacks as many websites as they can on the one server, and when they get too busy or one is hacked because the server wasn't secure enough, or there is a DoS attack (Denial of Service) they were unprepared for, your website goes down.

Pioneer Websites will never overload their servers. We've developed and continue to develop our own security and defense measures. And if something unexpected does happen, we're using our very own live server monitoring every minute of the day, directly to a technician's mobile phone.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

So what if your host will refund your hosting fee pro rata for every hour their server is down... If you lose 10 customers in an hour of downtime, you want justice, not a refund of $0.027 (2.7 cents) - that's all one hour of average hosting plans will cost you with Pioneer Websites. What you need is a reliable website hosting server, not a fancy agreement that will give you back a few cents.

So our SLA is that we promise you our best possible service, and explain what we do to make sure our servers are 100% reliable:

  • Low server load
  • Plenty of RAM
  • Up to date software
  • DoS attack protection
  • Strict security measures
  • Automatic service monitoring and correction
  • Live server monitoring to a human, every minute

In the event of the unthinkable happening, you can always expect honesty from us. We'll warn you about any upcoming works, and keep up as much communication as you need.

Simplicity Strikes Again

You're probably familiar with the need to eliminate a single point of failure, but complicating upstream providence is even worse. And what's more, too many middle men push up the cost! Instead, knowledge and simplicity come to the rescue. Compared with an average Australian hosting provider, our infrastructure stack is a balance of simplicity and expertise, where we are the one step between you and the physical equipment at the data center.

What's better than an SLA that refunds you a few cents after you lost real customers?

- 100% reliability
- Auto service monitoring/correction
- Live human monitoring, every minute
- CloudFlare CDN Service