Content Management System (CMS)

Want to edit your own website? Don't want to wait for your old web designer to change a word or two or some contact details after emailing them several times?

You need a Content Management System.

Pioneer Websites will build you a custom made CMS so you can edit whatever it is you need to on your website. This might include one, many, or all of the following:

  • Contact details page
  • All information pages
  • Product information and prices
  • Website theme and colors

Pioneer Websites CMS allows you to easily upload and automatically size images so your website looks professional and is quick to load. You simply log on with your email and password and changes are reflected instantly!

Check the screenshots because we developed this CMS ourselves especially to be simple and easy to use. Lots of confused WordPress users are enjoying using it because the CMS is customised for your website, just with what you need.

100% Responsive Design For Smartphones & Mobile Devices 

Did you get caught out by Google's recent update? If your website doesn't have a mobile version that ticks all the boxes for Google, then they will demote your site: when someone searches from a smartphone, Google will show sites which have a mobile version above yours.

Test your site here in the Official Google Mobile Friendly Website tester.

All Pioneer Websites CMS site are made for mobiles, tablets, and computers, at all sorts of sizes, because we use responsive design and meet the professional standards Google requires to rank your site higher. Don't get your mobile search SEO off to a submarine dive. Build it right, now.

Pioneer Websites will build you a customised Content Management System.

Both the front of the website, and the administration panel only you can see, will be uniquely crafted to suit your needs.