Certified Cloudflare Hosting Partner

Pioneer Websites is proud to be a certified Cloudflare Hosting Partner - meaning you can access the security, reliability and performance enhancements of Cloudflare, right inside our control panel, for free!

It's as easy as a single click, and your website will benefit from some of the many advantages Cloudflare has to offer:

Cloudflare is your frontline security defense and a performance boost at the same time - for free!


DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection 

A DoS (Denial of Service) attack is when someone (on a computer or server) tries to hit your website so many times and so fast, that no one else can use your website. Pioneer Website Hosting already employs security measures to avoid this problem.

However DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is when the attack is distributed amongst many (potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions) of computers or servers, like the DDoS attack that stopped everyone from playing Xbox and Sony Playstation online over a recent Christmas holiday period.

This level of attack must be mitigated before it reaches your website server, and clearly, not even Microsoft or Sony were prepared for the level of DDoS attack an army of virus infected computers around the world could impose. Our data centre network is also well-prepared for DDoS mitigation, however Cloudflare takes that resource to an incredible scale.

Firstly, Cloudflare can measure the activity across millions of websites around the world, and quickly builds a live list of good and bad bots and computers. Secondly, Cloudflare doesn't send the traffic of a DDoS attack to your website... it shows the attackers a copy of your website, coming from Cloudflare's own worldwide infrastructure. So whatever the size of the attack, Cloudflare is like the biggest sponge to soak it up.

Global Infrastructure & Experience Makes For the Best Free DDoS Protection Ever!

That's one way Cloudflare adds to the security and hosting reliability of Pioneer Websites Hosting.

DDoS Attack Growth to 700% Within the Year

Fastest Possible Website Hosting 

Why should we serve your website to all your visitors, when Cloudflare will do it even faster, and for free? With massive resources reserved only for the multi-national corporations and the internet backbone itself, Cloudflare can serve your website faster than fast - because that's their specialty.

What's The Catch? How do they make their money?

There isn't a catch, which is why we recommend them. Some large Cloudflare customers pay thousands per year for features your regular size website doesn't need, and everyone else benefits from the infrastructure. In fact, Cloudflare benefit from giving away free service to regular sized websites, because it increases their scope of knowledge of the type of attacks in use and the actual bots, computers and servers doing the attacking - that's how herd protection works, you need a big herd.

Free Globalisation 

You should already know that one of the most important things about SEO is that your website is hosted in the same location as your customers. That's one of the biggest reason our Sydney SEO Hosting is so popular. Well Cloudflare also serves your website from Sydney - in fact, the same data centre as Pioneer Websites Hosting servers.

But Cloudflare also operates in over 151 data centres around the world, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Auckland! So your website will automatically be served from the closest, fastest location nearest your visitor. That's a huge advantage for SEO. And the AnycastDNS used by Cloudflare has been whitelisted with search engines including Google as a CDN (Content Delivery Network), so there's no potential problem with bad IP neighbours or geotargeted IP addresses.

Click the Cloudflare button on your cPanel today for the seamless one-click setup, or ask us and we'll do it for you as part of your managed hosting plan.

Watch the Cloudflare video for a little more information and motivation.

Pioneer Websites Fast Sydney Hosting Just Got Faster, Thanks To Cloudflare.



Check out the global infrastructure with Pioneer Websites & Cloudflare! Serve your website visitors from a data centre near them.