Should I buy Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) are the listings marked with a green "Ads" (formerly 'sponsored links') which you see at the top and bottom of Google search pages, as well as most of the "Ads" you see on other websites all over the internet.

They are a very effective way of getting instant traffic to your website.

Pioneer Websites is a registered Google Partner

Your ads are in safe hands with our certified strategist.

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How much does it cost?

That really depends on your industry, and competition. We bid on your behalf for the best price clicks on your ad. That may be 50 cents a click, or anything up to $100+ a click, depending on the value of the potential sale and your competitors bids. As a real example, this Northern Beaches Window Cleaner was paying $3.50-$5.00 per click.

We have clients paying as little as $50 a month for their ads right up to $4000 a month!
The good thing is that you set the budget. We take a maximum of 25% of that to manage your account, and the rest goes into your campaign. If your budget is over $1000/month then we can manage your campaign at our hourly rate which will likely be more economical for you.

By the way, this makes us more affordable than Yodel, Australia's biggest reseller of Google Ads - and we haven't even told you about our success rates yet!

What are the success rates?

The other good thing about Ads is that you get monthly reports from us with stats and graphs on how your ads performed. That lets you drive how much you want to spend and how much you want to make.

If you have selected our professional SEO service, then you will also receive a report using Google Analytics. This allows us to tell you which sort of visitors actually bought products from your site - those from Ads or those from your SEO campaign! This instantly gives you the knowledge you need to spend your marketing budget wisely.

Many clients have found they actually make more sales through visitors from natural (organic) search listings, not Ads. That has led them to cut back on Ads expenditure, swap it over to SEO, and double the profit! On the other hand, a couple of our clients do not pay for SEO at all and only pay for Ads. This is admittedly rare but has served them well - they just acknowledge that when they stop paying for ads, their visitors stop coming. 

By way of comparison, SEO builds your websites reputation and referral links in a permanent manner, so if you stop paying for SEO, visitors still come.

Accountable Advertising

That makes our advertising options accountable, and affordable. So you know with professional SEO and Pioneer Websites Search Engine Marketing, that your cost-per-lead and potentially also your cost-per-acquisition will be clearly evident. That's accountable advertising: know for sure which advertising is earning you best and eliminate the rest. 

Accountable Advertising means you know which marketing is earning you exactly how much!