MYOB Exo eCommerce Integration

MYOB Exo isn't every business' first choice in cloud accounting software, but it has some distinct advantages. For one, MYOB Exo can handle a very large inventory catalogue, which makes it stand out above scores of cloud accounting offerings which only offer limited inventory. Some of the better services include a plugin for inventory, but even they are limited and expensive.

MYOB Exo manages inventory all in one, and it's also easily integrated with POS and inventory bar coding equipment. There are also dedicated agencies which help you transfer to and implement MYOB Exo. What Exo and the agencies don't offer is a web store-front for eCommerce... so we built one!

The best custom integration is with our custom CMS, but for businesses who have committed to WordPress & WooCommerce, we've also built a custom WooCommerce EXO integration WordPress plugin.


Website Orders Direct To MYOB Exo

Why handle transactions manually when your customer can make a sale on your website and the order be automatically created in your accounting software? Eliminate the paper trail with cloud accounting and automatic integration.

Need to vet customers for an account first, or charge 'cash-only' customers on their credit cards? Done. Need to approve wholesale customers first? Done. It's not hard when you know how.

Literally hundreds of hours of research and development mean our CMS and integration modules can very affordably be tailored to become your custom solution.

Cloud Accounting Benefits

Cloud accounting software means your accounting data is backed up, and highly available, from anywhere. Use MYOB Exo from your office computer, laptop or home computer, and even tablet or phone.

We can recommend a certified MYOB partner who will help you with implementation and use their API, or we can connect to the MYOB API directly. We won't get in your way - you can run your business, and we'll mould a custom website integration to fit.

1. Customer Registers On Website
2. MYOB Debtor Created/Connected
3. Customer Orders On Website
4. Customer Charged Or On Account
5. MYOB Order Created
6. MYOB Inventory Managed 

Any Accounting Software, Any Integration 

Need your eCommerce website to integrate with another accounting software package? Pioneer Websites can accommodate you. You make the decisions, we build the website; no sales pitches or wrestling with getting what you want.

Want to integrate with a third-party warehouse for automated order fulfillment? Save your time and warehouse space by outsourcing, or maybe it's time to grow out of your garage operation!

These are just some examples of projects we've completed simply and affordably for our clients - the advantage of custom website development and integration!

You Name It, We Integrate With It.

Grown Out Of Your Garage? Use A Third-Party Warehouse - Fully Automated!