Website SMS & SMS Marketing

Customer contact through SMS is easier than you think, and now affordable with Pioneer Websites SMS Marketing. With custom development to suit your clientele, think of the possibilities.


Since the average SMS is read in four minutes (in a study conducted in our part of the world!) SMS marketing allows you to time your promotions for precisely when contacts are more likely to act. With the majority of smart phone users having internet connections on their mobile, your call to action could be a link to your website. Or a phone call, or an SMS reply - either to your real mobile, or to a virtual number and web interface.

So why not just use email newsletter marketing? Because emails wouldn't get read as promptly as an SMS, and are therefore less likely to convert. Besides, with a glut of emails and very few businesses using SMS, the response rate is much greater.

Confirmations / Reminders / Alerts

Some ideas:

  • Saying thank you at the right time with an SMS can put the smile on your customers face that brings them back for more.
  • Notifying customers of an order dispatch and/or arrival via SMS raises confidence in your delivery and allows them to co-ordinate postal pick up.
  • Reminders for appointments via SMS can greatly reduce cancelations, and you can save phone calls by including a reminder of your location and directions.
  • Alert yourself to special actions taken on your site - don't wait to wade through emails, get an SMS sent straight to your phone.

The possibilities are endless with custom development, and we can help get your ideas formulated. SMS costs are available on application. At just 12 cents per message with bulk discounts available, SMS marketing is an affordable and under-used medium that we'd love to help you with.

Two-Factor Authentication

High-security websites can use our SMS service for two-factor authentication - either for admin CMS logins, or customer logins if required. This prevents unauthorised entry if a password has been compromised.

Pioneer Websites uses the highest security standards on servers and your password and customer passwords are encrypted; hashed and salted. However if a password was written down and lost, or if the same password was reused on a less-secure network, an imposter could gain access.

Two-factor authentication prevents this by sending an SMS message with a verification code to your registered phone, before giving anyone access, even if they have the password.

An SMS is read on average in four minutes. Time your marketing for greater conversions!