Sending Mass Email Newsletters & EDM (Email Direct Marketing)

They've seen you, they liked your web site, or maybe they have your product. Convert the opportunity for better sales, customer engagement and retention.

Send Unlimited Emails. Really.

Collect subscribers on your site or upload a spreadsheet yourself with a single click - they'll all receive your emails and you can segment the recipients by location, interest, or anything else you need. Design your own email layouts or use a template. Upload images and drag and drop them in - it's that simple. Send as many as you like - the only limit is your hosting data package and no EDM has ever hit that limit!


Get the word out!

Response Tracking

Want to know how many people viewed the images in your email? Or who clicked on which links? Talk to Pioneer Websites about our comprehensive email response tracking system which tells you exactly what you need to know without trying to impress you with numbers that don't really matter!

Automatic Bounce Message Handling

Automated bounce handling is graduated, depending on the type of bounce. So if the bounce is 'no such user here' the email address is unsubscribed instantly, but if the bounce is 'mailbox full' the email is only unsubscribed if this type of bounce is received in three consecutive mailings). This keeps your email list clean, ensuring the deliverability of future emails from your domain. Automated Bounce Handling is a key factor in high deliverability of your bulk email messages.

100% Deliverable

We regularly test for deliverability to Outlook, Mail, Hotmail, Live, Gmail & Yahoo. Your mass emails are sent to recipients one at a time, rapidly, but spaced over time to ensure deliverability. Recipients can unsubscribe with a single click, and the subject and body contain their individual details. As we operate our own server in a Sydney data centre, your emails can be sent as fully authenticated, straight from your verified email address and your dedicated IP address with reverse lookup, which makes it more junk-mail proof than if you typed it yourself into some Microsoft Outlook set ups!

100% Personalised

Include the recipient's name, organisation name or other personalised details in the body of your message, and in the subject line. This is proven to increase your open rate, and response rate! Our simple clickable inserts can be customised to include special data from your project (like recent eCommerce orders, or the user's directory listing/s) and we also supply a stack of handy inserts for the current date, day of the week, month, year, tomorrow, yesterday, next month, next year, etc.

Manage Transactional Mail

Want more? Use the EDM to create template messages and attach them to pre-defined triggers. Now you have control over content in the email messages your website sends when a user performs an action like a sign up or a sale, or gets a quotation or a reminder about a shopping cart they haven't yet checked out - whatever you need.

Feature Summary:

  • Premium deliverability as though you had created each message manually on your email app
  • Unsubscribe link in all emails, one click, automated
  • Click tracking right down to each recipient who clicked on which link/s in a message, and how many times per link
  • View tracking right down to each recipient who clicked 'view images’ in their email app, or already had it turned on and viewed the message
  • Full filters for selecting email recipients (search recipients by address, tag, etc)
  • Saved lists of email recipients, so you can maintain custom lists, and easily update them; existing website customers, subscribers, or additional lists like staff, media contacts, suppliers, debtors, etc.
  • Export email address lists to spreadsheet and import email address lists from spreadsheet
  • Message templates are stored and can be infinitely added to, or modified. We create some custom templates you can begin using right away
  • Google Analytics tracking so you can see what message recipients did, once they clicked through to your website
  • Archived on your website unless you choose to hide specific newsletters from the public
  • Bounce Handling with most bounces handled automatically & recipient unsubscribed automatically
  • NEW: Data Inserts for including the recipient's name and other personalised details, or live data like the date, day of the week, etc, or other customisable data from your application.
  • NEW: Universal Header & Footer so you can add a signature and/or promotional message to the top and/or bottom of every email, and change it as required.
  • NEW: Manage Transactional Mail template messages your users see on various triggers in your web app.

Looking To Send SMS Marketing Messages?

The Pioneer Websites CMS can also include an SMS message sender for marketing, notifications, and authentication!

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