Can Mini Websites On Different Domains Help?

The Users reason for multiple domain names:

Domain names need relevant keywords.

When an intelligent user is searching in Google, the domain name (in green) is critical to their decision.

It is the most authoritative part of the search result - the blue text and black text can be freely manipulated, but the domain name must be purchased, registered, hosted and established. 

There is less chance of click-through (someone clicking on your search listing) when the domain name is irrelevant to the search. For example, a searcher for 'xxx hair product' sees great authority in the domain name with the word hair in it. A searcher for 'xxx jewellery product' sees great authority in the domain name with the word jewellery in it.

Google rules

Google itself decrees in their Quality Guidelines that web sites are built for users, not search engines.

Visitors who are potential volunteers will have a more user-friendly experience by arriving at a dedicated volunteer sign-up site, rather than menus and menus for topics they're not looking for. They'll think they're in the wrong place! Visitors considering training for example are best to be presented with menus and images relevant for their objective. And the same, of course, goes for users searching for jewellery as opposed to shopping for hair products even if you retail both.

Different users need different experiences. From the search engine results page listing to the domain name in the address bar to the exact title on the web page theme, separate domains are the absolute optimum way to satisfy user requirements.

Websites found through search aren't like a physical storefront that stocks everything. People go to Bunnings because they know all the general stuff they want will be there. When they get there, they ask for directions to the right aisle. Where do people go online to ask for directions? Search engines! They're looking for something specific when they get there, and Google wants to show them something specific. So why not have a separate domain name for each section of your business? It's not viable to have separate physical storefronts, but separate domain names are very affordable, and visitors will know they're in the right place! Then they go to the same 'checkout' to pay, because all of your website 'store fronts' are connected.


The SEO reason for multiple domain names:

World famous SEO Aaron Wall recommends multiple websites.

Why would he say that? 

Put simply, Google ranks a website as important based on what different domain names link to it.
If you own three domain names, any of them will have two others linking to it!
If you own only one domain name, you have nothing else to link to it from and have missed an opportunity.

Google's conclusion

For the same reasons that a savvy user sees authority in a domain name with relevant keywords in it, Google also values domain names with the relevant keywords in the domain name!!! They want to show results users will click on, so they keep winning their users. Therefore, domains with the keywords in the domain name naturally rank higher for keyword searches than domain names without the keyword in them. This is a ridiculously apparent fact and makes fundamental sense.

So why don't people have a different domain name for every search term then?

They are trying!! There's two things that stop them. And they are two things that we assist our clients overcome.

Obstacle 1. The domain has already been registered by someone, who is sitting on it, offering to sell it for an exorbitant price.
Obstacle 2. The speculator doesn't have enough content to put a full website on each domain name. 

Why should you take this opportunity?

Solution for obstacle 1. If you have the legal right to rare domain names then you have a solution for the first obstacle. Can you rightly register a domain name? How about This is a critical advantage, it could be well worth setting up a non-profit arm of your company. Without going to that length, Pioneer Websites are adept at finding useful domains that have not yet been registered.

Solution for obstacle 2. If you have qualified staff to add quality information, and already have substantial content to fill multiple domain names, then you have overcome this obstacle. In fact, the nature of the variety of your content may even behoove the use of separate domain names! Pioneer Websites SEO service is also dedicated to researching, writing and adding quality and useful content to your main or mini-website.

Registering different domain names won't help your SEO unless they host a website on them. Learn how to make mini-sites that help and not hurt.



Diagram of different domain names as store fronts

Separate Store Fronts Are Affordable Online