How Do I Know Which Advertising Converts To Sales?

Ever tried to get the person answering the main inbound phone line to ask EVERY caller where they heard about you? It's one of the most basic business marketing requirements - tracking referrals.

The Problem Is...

You would have quickly discovered it's impossible to ask every caller how they found you and get an accurate reply. 'Google'. Where on Google? Organic search results, or an ad? What sort of ad - a content network ad, search ad, or display ad?

Apart from asking customers to use a different phone depending which advertisement they saw... what can you do?

Have them call a different number - without knowing it. Display different numbers on different types of advertising. When they visit your site, make sure they see the same number. Make sure Google knows which number to display on your search result listings.

Only then can you begin to justify the money you're spending on each advertising channel. Imagine saving thousands of dollars by simply cutting that $5k p.a. dinosaur Yellow Pages ad that you now discover got you a measely total of exactly two phone calls last year...

What's more, you will know which sort of advertising to spend a few extra dollars on, since it has such a high ROI (Return On Investment) and can quickly earn you money, not to mention out-perform your more expensive channels.

Separate 1300/1800 Phone Number Solution 

With digital marketing where it is, you should be able to get as many 1300 numbers as you need, as quickly as you want, without any setup costs or contracts. You should get monthly reports on conversions and costs - and not ones that you have to decipher, but manually reviewed reports with conclusions and recommendations.

Well you can. Contact Pioneer Websites to setup your seamless website/marketing/phone number tracking system and start increasing your ROI by making your advertising accountable.


Phone booths

You can't ask customers to use a different phone depending how they found you... we'll give you different phone numbers!


  1300 number 1800 number Local number (02, etc) Mobile number (04)
Monthly subscription (no contract) $25 $30 $15 $30
Calls from anywhere to your VOIP account with us
(software running on your mobile device or computer, over the internet)
8 cents/min
Calls from anywhere to your fixed line 14 cents/min
Calls from anywhere to your mobile 26 cents/min


Prices exclude GST. Australian businesses will be charged 10% GST, which they can claim back if registered for GST. Discounts may apply for multiple 1300/1800 numbers. Calls are charged per second (not in blocks which cost more) and there is no flag fall fee per call; a five minute local call is 30.5 cents.

Specific numbers are subject to availability. We will give you a list of available and memorable numbers to choose from, and can also assist you to obtain premium numbers (like numbers that spell a word).

Monthly subscription of a number includes up to 6 extensions and up to 2 voicemail services. These can be exchanged at a rate of 2 extensions for 1 voicemail and vice versa.

Voicemail recordings are emailed to your email address, at no additional cost. Time of day routing is available no charge (ie. send the calls to a different number after business hours) as well as other routing features like secondary numbers if unanswered and multiple geographic answer points nearest to the caller. 

Depending how the visitor found your website we will track the call via any number of separate paths (like 'from Google Ads Search Ads' or 'from Google SEO') and include that in your report at the end of the month. All you pay for is the call costs, and the nominal monthly fee (above) for each different path you want to track (with each different 1300/1800 number). That makes this option very cost effective for tracking multiple sources.

Doesn't Google Offer Free Phone Numbers?

Yep. This is new from Google for Australia... but you don't own the number, and Google can change it at any point in time. Our 1300/1800 numbers are yours to keep for as long as you subscribe. 

So what? Well Google's numbers are only displayed on Google Ads, not on your website. However Pioneer Websites CMS detects if visitors come from Google Ads, and a distinct phone number is displayed on your website, just for those visitors. That's why you need a permanent number. 

Besides, our 1300/1800 numbers are also available for SEO, or offline ads, not just Google Ads, so now you can how many calls you got from SEO or from other sources, for how long they spoke with you, and even their phone number (if it's not a blocked caller ID).

Affordable dedicated permanent phone numbers for each advertising path, displayed on your website, depending where the visitor came from.

Don't Want To Look Too Big?

If you want to keep that small family business look and personal service appeal? Then a 1300 or 1800 number might give the wrong impression. So we also offer DID numbers (standard numbers like 02 xxxx xxxx or 03 or 07 or whatever you need). They cost 40% less than a 1300 number at $15/mth and offer the same benefits.

Alternatively, with our Click To Call solution, you don't even have to show your number. You can appear local and as small or as big as you like. Ask to try it on us.


Get a local 02 phone number, 03, 07, etc, 04 for mobile or whatever you need.

Customers can also enter their phone no. on your site and the system will call you and them, instantly.