What Does Your CMS Look Like?

The short answer is, the Pioneer Websites Content Management System (CMS) looks however you want it to look. That is, since we custom build each website by hand, your CMS is also directly customised for you.


A customised CMS (Content Management System) means you can control as much as you need - without being overly complex!


Edit Website Pages

Note the easy way to edit different areas of the page: 'Content Sections' - Body, Left, Right. These are customised for your site layout, like 'Contact Form' or 'Testimonial'.

Edit text, bold, italics, etc, and links, easily.

Upload, Drag & Drop Images

Upload images into separate collections (like folders). They are automatically resized and copies of different sizes made if required. Then drag and drop them into the content section.

Drag and drop images into the editor


YouTube or HTML code inclusion

Paste YouTube embed codes straight in. Other HTML can also be pasted in, like widgets, frames or pre-formatted code.

Paste YouTube Embed code straight in

Unlimited Pages & Categories

Create unlimited pages and categories of pages, as well as easily manage the order pages appear in the menus, or if they appear in menus at all.

Add unlimited pages and categories of pages


Products & Shop Configuration

eCommerce Products are just as simple and arranged for quick editing.

eCommerce Products Shop CMS

Product Images, Inventory, Tags

The list of options depends on what your eCommerce shop needs...

Edit product prices, images and variations


Contacts & Registered Users

Visitors who use a contact form are recorded and can become users.

Contact and user registrations

Threaded Messages

Contact messages are recorded and threaded by user for easy tracking.

Thread user contact messages together and edit contact details


Email Newsletters & more...

The Pioneer Websites CMS can seamlessly integrate EDM (Email Direct Marketing) for bulk email newsletters, low-cost SMS messaging, and just about whatever other feature you require. Just ask.

Custom Integration

Don't forget - the custom development advantage means we can integrate your website with your other online services like accounting, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), etc.