Google Celebrates Pacman's 30th Anniversary With Free Online Game

Google Pacman's 30th Anniversary


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Wait for game to start. Use keyboard ← ↑ ↓ → arrow keys.

On Friday 21st May 2010 Google users were pleasantly surprised to see a free online Pacman game instead of the usual Google logo. Apart from likely millions of employees spending work time gaming on the Google home page, this unexpected treat launched a hive of web activity for the hordes that love Google's value added offerings.

The above is a salvaged version of the original game from Google (without sound and the two player option), however the original with sound is still available on Googles Pacman page. Gamers all over the internet videod themselves playing the phenomenon.

Namco's Pac Man was first released in Japan May 22, 1980 and quickly became synonomous with video games, and now an icon of 80's pop culture. Wikipedia explains it's roots nicely, including the personalities of each of the monster characters according to their color, and the fact of Google's inclusion of the game on their Google Doodlge (logo).

If you'd like visitors to play the free Google Pacman game on your own website, then contact the North Sydney Website Developer who salvaged the above javascript. Of course, we're yet to hear back from Google on how she feels about us borrowing her game, but we're confident she won't mind if we lend it for a while to spread the word and let more people play!

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